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Cosmic Co. - Custom Specialty Packaging

Our company has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, with direct-own production facility overseas. We specialize in clear and color semi-rigid plastic containers and thermoforming products with full printing capability. We offer a convenient “ready-made” stock program with extensive selection in sizes and shapes of clear boxes. Our “custom-made-easy” program offers customization for special sizes, display boxes, trays, stationery items and advertising/promotional accessories (gift tag, shelving signs, etc.)

Our office located in California offers full range of services, from design-development, sampling, assembly-fulfillment to distribution - all with the convenience and response as a local source and giving the benefit of an offshore pricing.

Our products are back by our satisfaction guarantee and in full compliance with US FDA and industry standards.
Whether you are in the market for packing dry goods, personal care, gourmet food/confections or hardware, we can provide you a choice of solution that suits your budget.

Our second generation expansion into paper products in 1998 enables us to offer an additional range of product choices, providing our customer a true one-stop shopping for your packaging needs. Our paper product line include a wide range of styles and construction of paper boxes, lamination, fabric coated/finished cover, custom-design and printed specialty paper products.

For more information and enquiries, please contact us by phone (650)742-0888, or fax (650)742-6777 or e-mail us. All design and projects information disclosed are handled confidentially and with full respect of copyrights.


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